currently loving ...


i've been going to a new yoga class, a HOT one. well, it's only 85 degrees and like 30 percent humidity but it's simultaneously kicking my butt and centering my chakra. i love it soso much.
bonus:  you get your first week free so come join me!

$1, di, thanks go to audrey and shelby ellsworth.

- one too many ipad games ...

- this cover
crossing my fingers i can hear it live tomorrow.

i could live there. paige and i have this joke:  after we saw mr. peabody and sherman she remarked "i wish mr. peabody was my dad", which escalated to "i wish my dad was a dog" and eventually to "i wish dask's was my dad." you know those jokes between you and your siblings? you guys think it's the funniest thing ever and everyone else doesn't get it? i love that. also i love dask's.

- wes anderson
but mostly just fantastic mr. fox.

- mad men & vampire diaries
sorry if that last one throws off your perception of me. i just can't help myself.

- eating smoothies for meals
here's my favorite:
1 cup milk
1-2 tbsp peanut butter
1 tbsp honey
1 teaspoon cocoa
a handful of ice cubes
(sometimes i throw in a banana for health's sake)

- coming up with the "ideal courtney"
she came to me in a dream the other night:  i had just ordered my meal at sarabeth's on the upper west side. i was all alone. but i was really really happy. and then i instagrammed my food.

- this quote:
"just let go. let go of how you thought your life should be, and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness."
- caroline myss


music monday.

hey monday! have some music!

i'm way into jefferson airplane right now. 


it's spring!

just made this ^^^ my facebook header.
guys, it's spring!

making > this list
cooking > chipotle burritos, habit burgers, and dask's souvlaki
drinking > guess
reading > the continuous atonement by brad wilcox
wanting > my tax return!
looking > at always be knolling
playing > covet!
wasting > time color-coding my apps
wishing > it was swimming weather already
enjoying > dusk at 8 pm
waiting > impatiently for my next st george trip
liking > evening bike rides/finding any excuse to ride my bike
wondering > when my time change hang over will wear off
loving > this swimsuit
hoping > my week includes multiple trips to planet fitness (have you guys ever done red light therapy?)
marveling > at how short our winter was here in utah
needing > more clothes ... i feel like i've been wearing the same shirt for 5 years
smelling > LILACS YA'LL!
wearing > paige's shirt. 4th day straight. see what i'm saying about new clothes???
following > a bunch of barbers on instagram. i love it.
knowing > things will work out
thinking > i need to cook more (see "cooking")
feeling > sick of dating
bookmarking > smoothie cleanse recipes
opening > the door to my long time triathlon goal. SEPTEMBER!
giggling > at this baby trashing a bar in las palmas

** thanks to marie for this lovely list


pretty print.

this isn't a print, but it is (i think) the visual manifestation of my current dating life.


music monday.

music monday is back! in list form!

ok, i saw this thing once called "25 songs, 25 days". you know those? well i decided to condense that into one day (today!) and also cut out some of the lamer choices (like "a song that reminds you of a former friend". what is a former friend anyway? a past friend, now enemy? a friend you used to see but don't anymore. i don't know.)

1. a song from your childhood
rhythm nation - janet jackson
had to pick this! rhythm nation was the first cd i ever purchased. i LOVED it. wonder what i was doing any given evening in 1994? wonder no more, i was making up dances to these beats.

2. a song that reminds you of your parents
something in the way she moves - james taylor
this song will forever remind me of my dad's love for my mom. like, i'm pretty sure i've seen my dad get weepy over it. such a tender spirit.

3. a song that calms you down
intro - the xx
ever seen it's kind of a funny story? this song always reminds me of the trip we take into craig's clinically depressed mind. it's a trip. a nice one.

4. a song that is often stuck in your head
we built this city - starship
don't as why. it's just. so. catchy.

5. a song that reminds you of your best friend
black or white - michael jackson
i have THE most vivid memories of me and lynsey chadwick (my childhood bff) watching this music video while dancing around the coffee table.

6. a song that reminds you of the past summer
i love it - icona pop
spring 2013 i attended a passion pit concert which i thought would be accompanied by icona pop. so i got all into them and turns out they didn't even play! what!? but this song stuck around and eventually became the greatest roll-the-car-windows-down-and-dance-it-out-with-ya-gurls song of the summer.

7. a song that reminds you of your first love
white daisy passing - rocky votolato
no explanation. but isn't this song the cutest!

8. a song that makes you hopeful
love will save your soul - grouplove
once i was having this really emo moment of my life. one night after a good cry, this song came on and i just felt elated and like everything was going to be ok. i felt hope!

9. a song by my favorite band 
as far as i can see - phantogram
i thought this one was a little time-sensitive. who can say what their favorite band is? well mine for right now is phantogram. probably because they are coming to salt lake in april ...

10. a song on the soundtrack of your favorite movie
peer pressure - jon brion
eternal sunshine! seen it? it's great.

11. the last song i heard
kid a - radiohead
someone once said to listen to this song twice a day for two weeks and then try to say you don't like radiohead. apparently it's impossible.

12. a song you love to sing along to
the beast - austra
while i was searching for this video i discovered that austra has great *read weird* music videos. in addition to great music.

13. a song that has made you cry
this temporary life - death cab for cutie
the lyrics to this song are just heartbreaking! "but, oh, the rising sun brings little cheer to this city with the stolen name. and you're wondering whose bright idea it was to pack your things and leave your friends and move down here".

14. a song that makes you want to dance
countdown - beyonce
always. also you can't beat this video.

15. a song that you love but rarely listen to
out here all night - damone
there was this time in college that i was really into hard rock. like this. and like tool? i don't know. but ... i still don't mind it. i kind of like it.

16. the first song alphabetically in your itunes
a/b machines - sleigh bells
what a great song to be first in my itunes. i'm proud.

17. the last song alphabetically in your itunes
zombie - the cranberries
i'm equally proud of this song.

18. your favorite song
futile devices - sufjan stevens
i recently heard sufjan described as "a weird dude with the voice of honey". i'd say that description fits. for me, he has the voice of an angel. i love his lyrics. he is truly an artist and is constantly pushing the boundaries of folk and pop musicians. i'd even submit that he is one of the greatest artists of our day.

19. a song that someone has sung to you
sweet baby james - james taylor
another from james taylor, brought to you by my dad singing it to me as a lullaby when i was a wee one. it always reminds me of him.

20. a song that you cannot stand to listen to
pompeii - bastille
this song! i can't. stand. it. it's ALWAYS on. it NEVER sleeps. and EVERYONE loves it. i don't get it. but the lead singer has great hair. and i can always appreciate that.


hair dreams.

if i could have this hair i would have this hair.


st george, february 2014.

i promised you a st george post like 2 months ago. sorry it's taken so long. i needed to get over my ptsd before i could write about it.

this photograph sums up the trip remarkably well. paige and i had just rolled into town and decided our first stop of the trip should be to the top of the water tank on ... st george mountain? is that was that place is called? i don't know. but does it look cold? CAUSE IT WAS. 

after the water tank we ate at pizza factory, a long time tradition. then i think we saw a movie ... i can't be sure, because i think i have mentally blocked this whole trip as a coping mechanism.

here's what happen:  somewhere between eating pizza factory and visiting a snow-covered zion national park the next morning, my body decided that it would reject everything i had lovingly fed it the last 48 hours, and then refuse to accept anything else. 

i spent the trip laying on the couch (when i wasn't in the bathroom). i MAY have watched a movie? played a game? i know i tried to eat texas roadhouse steak fry and it wasn't good. not good at all.

uh, so there you have it. the trip re-cap i promised.


see these movies.


just wanted to stop by to tell you about these 2013 movies. it's not a list of ten (which is kind of killing me for some reason #ocd) and they aren't in order of how much i liked them. ain't nobody got time for that.

1. the conjuring
i was too scared to see this movie for like ... 4 months. but when i finally did i loved it. glad they're making a sequel. also, this is a good example of how to do horror; no convoluted story, a simple witch hanging is good enough.

2. star trek
this was so great, maybe better than the first? actually, its quality may have everything to do with fact that benedict cumberbatch (or "bento tinderbox" as john travolta might say) was the villain. my love for him is unparalleled.

3. kings of summer
i wanted to see this at sundance but never got the chance. then i wanted to see it in theaters and missed it again. i eventually saw it via redbox. it was worth the wait. just one of those hilarious, odd films we can thank sundance for. for instance, there is dialogue about how one character is confusing cystic fibrosis with being gay. what?! hahaha.

4. the way way back
this is one i saw at sundance and LOVED! i had to wait until summer to show everyone else how great it is. and i don't think i've heard a bad review.

5. blackfish
my roommate told me about this film before it hit theaters. i was intrigued so i forced my family to join in. i was worried that it might be off putting/agenda shoving, but it doesn't feel that way at all. the information seems to be presented in a very straight forward way. it's streaming for free on netflix now, but if you plan on ever visiting seaworld again, i'd skip it.

6. gravity
saw this in 3d imax and it was maybe one of my very favorite theater experiences (best goes to jurassic park 3d imax). it felt like i was on a ride. it was unreal. see it in the theaters if you have the chance. the fact that it won 7 academy awards should give you at least the slightest interest.

7. about time
my mom and dad begged me to see this movie with them for weeks! perhaps months. i just wasn't interested. i think it was mostly because the poster looked like a nicholas sparks film. if you ever want to turn me off, mention nicholas sparks. well i eventually went and it was great. really unique and real. good lessons from this film.

8. frozen
i almost feel like not putting this on here. it's gotten a little outta control amiright? but hey, it's a good movie. i'm all about wicked, and it is very wicked-esque.

9. the hobbit: the desolation of smaug
i liked this one better than the first. i attribute that to two things:  1) it's called the desolation of smaug and when it came out my friend said she lived in the desolation of smog. get it? utah inversion? funny joke, and 2) cuz benedict duh!

10. saving mr. banks
two of my favorite things are disneyland and the 1960s. the combination in this film was just my thing. also jason schwartzman and bj novak, i love them.

11. walter mitty
this is maybe my favorite, mmm. maybe not. well, second favorite. it was so unexpected. i loved the scenery and the music and the story and oh man, that scene that he is imagining himself as benjamin button was the hardest i laughed in a movie in 2013. beat that! also, can we go to iceland?

12. blue jasmine
woody allen is my favorite. i love most of his work, it speaks to me. blue jasmine wasn't any different. i'm surprised it didn't get more buzz. i think this is probably his best film of recent years. and cate blanchette was amazing. serious talent.

13. frances ha
this movie was really weird. i heard about it when it was at the broadway in salt lake, but didn't watch it until it was streaming on netflix. it's in black and white and isn't shy in being what it is (i'm not really sure what it is still). at the beginning of the film i didn't really know how i felt about it, but by the end i was head over heels. "ahoy sexy" is now a part of my most-used greetings. thanks frances ha.

14. american hustle
if you loved silver linings playbook you'll love this. same deal here. a little more depressing but still great. such great music too.

15. 12 years a slave
i saved the best for last. i don't really know what to say except that this film made me think about slavery in a way i hadn't ever thought of before. it was gut wrenching. a movie comes along every so often that changes your life, and this was one for me. also, cuz benedict.

i still need to see the place beyond the pines, the spectacular now, ain't them bodies saints, enough said, philomena, and her. any takers?

peace and good tidings on this friday. go see a movie.


the most important things that happened during my blogging hiatus.

hi there!
i'm still alive. but i been BUSY! 

here are the most important things that happened during my blogging hiatus:

- my dear dear friend got engaged

- my dad grew out his beard for like four days (happiest four days since 2005)

- i found this great picture of my mom

- i did another juice cleanse (note to self: always do juice cleanse while having a cold)

- i saw frances ha, and it was really good. here's a quote >>>

- i met this nameless kitten (sorry bad pic, not sorry cute kitten)

- i found a bunny with a backpack on and my heart shattered into a million pieces

-jgl came to utah for sundance

- speaking of sundance, i saw two movies: the double (based on a dostoevsky novel), and whiplash (with jazz included, a bonus obvi!) ... but all i ever wanted was to see cooties.

- i became an eskimo
- i remembered how great ruby snap is

- i went bowling


now, i hereby do declare to be better at blogging and post about the following soon:

- a trip to st george

- 2013 must see movies

in the mean time, watch the men of full house on jimmy fallon for a good time.


how come nobody ever told me?

blue cheese stuffed green olives are delicious. how come nobody ever told me?

my scion weighs like 100 pounds and therefore acts like a lovely, slender figure skater on the roads this winter. how come nobody ever told me?

the old testament is really entertaining and i'm eating it up. how come nobody ever told me?

there is such a thing as a heated steering wheel. how come nobody ever told me?

an apple a day really does keep the doctor away. how come nobody ever told me?