lava hot springs, usa.

last weekend was our annual over-nighter to lava hot springs, idaho.

this is a wightman family tradition, never to be broken.
lemme explain:

1. lava hot springs, population: 700.
2. 30 motels, 1 sketchy hole in the wall place to get breakfast, 1 pizza joint, 3 bars, 1 convenient store.
3. i don't think there is even one stop sign in town.
4. everyone just walks around in their robes.
5. notice that i'm wearing a robe and towel turban in the photo above? it was 20 degrees. 

it is just the perffffffffffffff place.
see some of paige's writings on it here and here.


brittney said...

"7. it's in idaho. nothing good happens there."

you need to have a (strongly worded) word with your sister.

courtney wightman said...

she must not know very many idahoans. consider it done.