mother's day gift guide.

i have always kind of prided myself on being a good gift giver. i attribute this talent to my aunt julie, who has impeccable taste and a knack for picking the best gifts, the ones that help the person she's giving it to feel so loved. because she taught me her ways, because i always love gift guides, and because i'm pretty sure gift giving is my language of love, i decided i should do a gift guide. and what better time than with mother's day just around the corner.

1anthropologie amazon dreams pitcher $58. 2coatt morse code bracelet $40. 3if you want to go the cheaper, homemade-with-love route, try a diy body scrub. 4beekman after garden soap, would pair well with ... 5celia birtwell garden tools, for the pretty gardener $39. 6the kate spade blog had a cute post earlier this month about special outings for mother's day. 7if your mom is anything like my mom, the best thing you could get her is a good book, and pair it with a cute little beach reading tote $25. 8i've always wanted to get someone a personalized stamp $40. 9i always just end up getting my mom a unique piece of jewelry. try a second hand/vintage shop in your area, banana republic or anthropologie always have unique pieces as well.

if you're in salt lake, and none of these gift ideas are meeting your fancy, try one of the following, they're my favorites for mother's day shopping.


brittney said...

this is really great! I LOVE those garden tools

Mark and Lisa said...

I would love any of those gifts! Love you, Mom

paige. said...

wow this is such a good idea! do this for every holiday...yes even labor day...and you will be famous. that is a promise.