hello. remember when i said a few weeks ago that i was so super busy? well that ended sometime this week and now i'm as bored as bored could be. but hey! that means i blog!

my week has been full of horror movies, hot chocolate, sweaters and space heaters. <<< my favorite kind of week. i'm looking forward to all that and more this weekend. you should probably follow @amelianmd on twitter because she's been live-tweeting all of our horror movie experiences and she kills me (with laughter). you might also want to visit hatch family chocolates this weekend because they are going through a tough time and could use community support, but mostly because their hot chocolate is outta-this-world delish. what ever you do, have fun while doing it! happy weekend.

(oh, right, here are some things for you to look at:)
- i want!
- "get a manicure" is on my monthly to-do list ...
the grand budapest hotel trailer came out this week. looks good!
- a good reminder.
- pop culture and "four o'clock in the morning".
- been following these kids on facebook. it's thoroughly entertaining to find them on my feed each more. i heart ny.
- ben introduced me to curbed, but mostly i just love 7-11 (oh and temples).
- this "rickman-off" on jimmy fallon made me fall more in love with both jimmy AND benedict cumberbatch.

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