welcome summer.

summer is now a week old! can you believe it? it all goes by so fast. i spent the summer solstice serving the homeless, showering a friend with baby gifts, but best of all, at a "mid-summer mingle". check out #amidsummermingle on instagram, but basically all these gals (and a few men) got together in their whites to sip on pressed juice, munch on fancy cucumber open-faced sandwiches, and chit-chat the night away. it was so delightful. new life goal:  move to a house near rock canyon park, have a pool and tennis court in your back yard.

if all my summer nights are like last saturday's, i'm good. but here's a list of some other things to look forward to this summer:

eating/lots of caprese salads. amelia bought a big tub of mozarella and grape tomatoes from costco ... i been on it ever since.
drinking/sonic diet cokes, filled to the brim with ice (but mostly just eating the ice).
practicing/my hot yoga. i leveled up after learning hydration is the key, DUH!
learning/how important it is to be compassionate. how great is this verse of scripture? <true charity.
trying/to keep my plants alive.
hiking/mount timpanogos and lone peak.
watching/mad men, and every outdoor movie this city has to offer.
finishing/my 26 things list. i've got a lot to do.
reading/the continuous conversion, a follow up to this book, which i finished is RECORD time.
remembering/what it was like without paige last summer and being SO happy she's here to keep me company this summer.
wearing/my swimsuit under my clothes MOST of the time.
cooking/home-made ice cream and gelato. <what summers are made of.
working/on my triathlon muscles. how come no body ever told me swimming was the HARDEST?
traveling/to washington state in august! what recommendations do you have for me? i'm most looking forward to biking the hiawatha trail. seems like a dream!
wanting/a new swim suit but i can't justify buying one every year ...

**thanks to bleubird for the inspiration for this post.


brittney perry said...

oh yeah! Hilary told me you guys saw each other up there :) glad you had a good time. Your summer sounds awesome.

mack said...

Swimming is THE HARDEST! Gosh, it gets me every time. I'm so glad we're doing that triathlon...I need to really hunker down and train. Speaking of trains...we should discuss some plans sometime. I feel like summer is already on its downward spiral. :(