checking things off.

guys! i finally did my triathlon! the goal first crossed my mind while watching my 80 year old grandpa compete in the st. george senior games. it was so inspiring to watch him, in his frail state, swim, bike, and then finally cross the finish line running. AT 80!!!

... that was in 2007. 

HA! so yes, this has been on my to-do list for 7 years. and on labour day, i finally finished. 350 yards swimming, 12.5 miles biking, and a 5k. woo!

we're all so happy to be posing in our swim-wear. 

here i am, waiting to start. i was mainly thinking, will everyone laugh at me if i plug my nose when i jump in?

then at the end of the bike and run. if you think i look extraordinarily happy it's cause I WAS! i felt so happy and accomplished. you know sometimes, in special moments, when you feel like you're really living life to the fullest, getting the most out of what heavenly father has given you? this was one of those moments. i'm so grateful for my healthy body, and for my recent desires to be active. for this time of my life where i've had the chance to cultivate new hobbies and talents. i'm grateful to have the opportunity to compete in these kinds of races and to live in a place that offers them, that i was born into a family of adventures/lovers of life, for good weather, for swimming pools, my blue bike, for music that pumps me up. i'm grateful for it all and i know to whom i should offer my thanks.

i did the race with a bunch of extended family, and my dad and sister. it was a blessing training and racing with them. my family has always been my biggest cheerleaders. part of my joy upon finishing was brought by seeing my dad and sister finish.

and here's the whole tri crowd. from left to right, my uncle, me, cousin kenzie (whose influence helped me to sign up, train, and actually DO the race, thanks kenz), sister paige, dad (or roy orbison?) cousin davis, and cousin maddy.

some other things i've been checking off:
- conquering a headstand
- getting a NEW JOB!!! (more information forthcoming) 
- hiking "the living room"
- eating at spitz (a new salt lake city favorite)
- trying a fried oreo (A+++++)


brittney perry said...

holy crap you are amazing. and congrats on the new job!

mack said...

Courtney! I love this! I want to hear more about this list of to-dos. Also, I bought a membership to the quarry so if you find yourself in Provo of a friday you can come with me, FOR FREE!