am i stuck in the past?

well, maybe. 
but i did want to put this lil letter on my list of loves. i wrote it my last preparation day in the mission ...
"this is sister wightman.

i would like to end this volume of my life with ... A LIST {of course}.
before i left, i wrote a list a letters to things that i would miss at home. to my TOMS, my bed {not that comfortable}, my blog, etc. and that is what i will do today.
to my scriptures,
i've fallen in love with you. you've become my bestie. i like how marked you are now, filled with thoughts and impressions, love, and the scent of lavender.
to value village,
you've no idea how much i'll miss you. i have quite enjoyed spending my time with you these past 18 months. you have really taught me the value of village, wait the value of a thrift store. i'll never forget you and you'll always be in my heart {some of you will be on me sometimes too}.
come to utah.
to being full pros,
you taught me how to work! thanks a bunch. i love tracting because of YOU.
to the suitland ward,
you've also got some great people with you. that bishop ... AWESOME. thanks for sharing him with me.
to the air force base,
thanks for the air show that one time. you rock.
to those big houses we tracted in suitland,
you're great. i had a fun time getting to know you.
to the dc second ward,
oh you. i hated you at first. you are intimidating. but i think you eventually became my most favoritest area. serving with you in the summer with sister chan was when i experienced SO much joy. and you gave it to me. thank you for your members. they're awesome. i hope they continue to be the best member missionaries i've ever met. oh. you're so good. i'll really miss you.
to the district of columbia,
i'm speechless. i love you with all of my heart. you are wonderful and i'll never forget the experiences i had while serving with you. keep on being the best city in the nation. because you are. i'll see you soon though.
to sister chan,
i love you. thanks for loving me.
to 7-11 on connecticuit,
thanks for opening and quenching my thirst.
to dupont circle,
you changed my life. some of my fondest memories of the past year and a half consist of evenings spent with you.
to the chevy chase ward,
you're so fancy. i love you.
to the chevy chase apartment,
i wish i could live in you for the rest of my life.
to fall in the city,
please visit me sometime.
to running in the city,
thanks for helping increase my endorphins.
to laurel,
oh the bikes, oh the apartment, oh the people. thanks for making my death SO good.
to my bike,
i'll miss you lots and i hope i can find someone else that can even come close to replacing you.
to the temple,
i had a great time with you today. it was an honor serving next to you.
to the vc,
.... eh. i'm gonna miss you lots. stay true.
to the sisters,
i don't want to cry so i'm not writing a goodbye letter to ya'll.
to my misson,
mmm ... you are the best thing that ever happened to me. i know i struggled to want to make you a part of my life, but thanks for being patient. thank you for loving me right back. thank you for making me a better person, friend, daughter, sister, servant, leader, christian, mother, spouse, etc, etc, etc. i will never forget the joy you brought me. i will never forget the things i learned from you. i won't ever forget the people i met. you'll be near and dear to my heart with each thing i do for the rest of eternity. i know that it is because of you that i have come fully unto christ. and THAT is the reason i love you most. because you led me to come humble to the savior of the world. and HE is why i've gained my "fondest dreams" here. thank you thank you thank you.
signing off."


Mr. & Mrs. said...

Thank you for those profound thoughts. It's about time you returned to the world of blogging!

Cassie said...

WA state also has value village and trader joes!

britt said...

this is so beautiful and per your previous list, I'm still so bummed I never saw you. this summer, I'll see you this summer.