summer 2011: one for the books.

in about 2.5 hours paige will be taking her last final of her sophomore year. you know what that means?

summer starts in 2.5 hours!

as per tradition, we've created a "THIS SUMMER" list of things to do {we'll share for the sake of your summer enjoyment}:

  1. ride our bikes everywhere and maybe get new ones {that's on dad's summer to-do list ...}.
  2. race for the cure.
  3. chalk art festival.
  4. make a t-shirt quilt.
  5. become master yogis.
  6. the ville dayzz 5k.
  7. lavender days.
  8. make that one mirror that paige saw on design star.
  9. outdoor movies.
  10. moonlight madness.
  11. make lavender honey ice cream.
  12. re institute the hiking on saturdays club.
  13. book club.
  14. have a fondue party.
  15. try to replicate summer '09 but with jobs.

summer '09.


{fort wightman.}

{stank #1.}

{stank #2.} 

{summery hirey paige.} 

{huntin' for coons.}

{a relaxing spa night.}  



happy summer kick-off. 

1 comment:

courtney. said...

this just makes me giddy with excitement. so in love. SUMMER!! YAY!!

p.s. why am i so gangster?? great pics.