it's time.

it is wednesday, may 18th on our little travel log {did you forget about that?}
and it's time for

DAY #6.
-flight to nyc {baybay}
departure from regan on delta 3824 at 8:30am
arrive in nyc at 9:56am

-take limo {yes, limo} to  
2130 broadway and 75th street
new york, ny 10023

{we ride in style.}

let me just take this time to talk about how wonderful this hotel was/still is, even though we left.

1. two pictures above show that it is directly across from our very favoritest breakfast spot in new york, the fairway market. i mentioned it last time i was in that blessed city. more on it later.
2. it was also right across the street from citerella, or the best place on earth to get croissants from. seriously.
3. it was also right across the street from a little dance studio that paige and i watched each time we were in the room.
4. the beds = marvelous.
5. service = marvelous.
6. it is next door to the beacon theater, in which adele played the night before we left.
7. it is located on the upper west side {aka, courtney's favorite part of town}.
8. it is just a hop, skip and a jump away from the72nd station. NICE.

take my word for it. and notice how in the terribly dark picture below, i just stared out my window as often as i could while i was there.

-eat at katz's deli

{very delicious brisket sandwiches. very.}

{great photography, compliments of paige.}

{this is the location of that one memorable scene in "when harry met sally" ... you know, that one.}

108 orchard street 

unfortunately, no photography was aloud in this museum {i guess i could have taken a picture of the outside ...}, but this was one of the highlights of the trip. if you are ever in new york GO!

-canal street

{cool signage on the way.}

it was raining like MAD this day, so we weren't able to see as much as we had planned {as per usual}, but it was wonderful as usual.

stay tuned for some new york style pizza and a talking lion who is kind of shy.

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Mark said...

MMMM...What a great vaca. Thanks for the memories. Can't wait to go back and stay at the Beacon and do all the fun stuff all over again.