you have my word that i'll divert back to the travel log soon, but for now ...

let me tell you about this girl.


i know you want to sing her name. do it.
we met while folding towels for byu's athelically inclined. and we instantly fell in love {well, i fell in love with her ...}. 

favorite memories include:
-singing "on the radio" while skipping arm-in-arm round the laundry room.
-making a movie full of holiday cheer.
-teaching her how to do the harlem shake {ha!}.
-receiving her many letters on BEAUTIFUL stationary while in dc.
-that one halloween when she was a unicorn rider and i was a crazy art student.

she even made it to my list of monthly loves in november 2008. remember when i used to do those? 


since then.
she has a new husband.
he's artsy.
she has a new blog.
it's great.
she has a new etsy shop.
it's so cool.

take a look and reap the benefits of roxanne. because she is CHOICE!

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Roxanne said...

you are great. and i definitely fell in love :)