as an ambassador of the beehive state.

i feel it is my duty to show you the ropes.

i recently read salt lake magazine's best of the beehive and promptly created a
"things i wanna see after reading salt lake magazine's best of the beehive" list.

i'll share.

11901 south 700 east
draper, utah
moving back to utah from dc, a big empty space fills my heart where trader joe's used to belong. pirate o's is described by sl mag as the "utah version of trader joe's." i hope they're right.

613 east 400 south
slc, utah
"the best milkshake"

102 north university ave
provo, utah
my sister talks about this place quite often. apparently they have the best water because it is filtered "through a japanese-made kangen filter that adjusts its ph balance to a perfect 8.5".

i love me some TOMS. but is it just me, or do they lose coolness as baby-boomers start wearing them {no offense baby-boomers. i love ya!}. never fear, slc has their very own twist on the canvas kicks.

where my obsession with bikes came from, i do not know. but i do know that this is PERFECT for my bike gang.

3920 washington blvd
ogden, utah
um, i looked on their menu and they sell egg creams. that right there sold me.

157 east 900 south
slc, utah
one of our taylorsville dayzz festivities was pulling out the old record player and dancing to rosemary clooney by the chimnea. i wouldn't mind if all my nights were exactly like that one. not a bit.

but it doesn't stop there. i also made a
"things i'm glad i've seen and i think that you should probably see too" list.

i'll share.

1043 east 900 south
slc, utah
LOVE! great place to buy gifts for your favorite people {me}. great jewelry.

254 south 200 west
slc, utah
one of my very favorite restaurants. their goat cheese bruschetta appetizer: divine. sl mag, along with my sister, suggests their cream soda, made with madagascar vanilla and cane sugar. mmm.

126 crystal avenue
slc, utah
"the nucleus of the salt lake art scene". if it wasn't for my super artsy family and their super artsy art shows, i would have never been able to lay eyes on the super artsy art that lies within these walls.

-jeff lambson
jeff lambson is the curator of contemporary art at byu's museum of art. he used to work at the hirshhorn in dc for goodness sakes! he is responsible for THIS exhibt, which is MARVELOUS!

another shout out!

creepy ghost town with 100 year old cemeteries AND the place in which butch cassidy rides a bike through town with etta place.

330 trolley square
slc, utah
the classiest place to buy a birthday card, where i was introduced to wayne thiebaud, and home of my vera bradley fix.

now go out and get some beehive on ya.


paige. said...

i'm jealous of your creativity and wit.

wjmom said...

I <3 Utah! The fun just never ends. (And THEN, if you wanna have more fun, you can hang out at the COB for a while and laugh, laugh, laugh at the Mo's!)

mel said...

oh hi. you are a tangerine.

Mark said...

Great post! I'm always up for gettin' some beehive on me and I'm proud to have been the one who introduced you to some of those things. Remember our Utah passports for the Centennial year?