i just remembered that i forgot something on day #6.

BIG nick's.

hello! this is like my fave place for delectable pizza on the west side. in fact, my posse wanted to eat there two nights in a row. that's how much we love this place.

to quote virgin city guides "big nick's is a 24 hour dump that inspires affection; loosen your belt buckle."

{paige loves big nick's.}

{courtneypaige loves big nick's.}

paige and i took a nice little stroll after our big meal. picture this: a walk around town on a rainy evening in may on the upper west side. not a dream. real life {i've said that before ... what can i say, i'm livin the dream folks}.

DAY #7.

-6:30am temple session
bright and early. no pictures.

-central park and alice

{this is me being sad. you know why? because john lennon was shot here.} 

{isn't she beautiful?} 

 -frick art museum

-serendipity for lunch
{really we went for their dessert}

{look how cute that girl is ... SO. mmm. their frozen hot chocolate is divine.}

we went to dylan's the first time i went to new york. we haven't gone to new york since without stopping at dylan's to feed our sweet tooth {teeth?}.

-8:00pm WICKED
gershwin theater
222 west 51st street

{happy wicked family. my smile became the ticket.}

-walk to the subway station, see times square along the way.

{times square at night is a little bit crazy. ie: i got offered obama condoms twice. tmi?}

{oh how i love it.}

next time: a guest appearance from your favorite rapper and more food.

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Mark said...

Loved it! Love Nicks, Serendipity, Wicked, Dylans, Frick - everything in NYC!