i realize i never wished you a happy 4th of july.


i will now give you a briefing of how i celebrated our nation's birthday. there was none of this, as in previous years, but it was still swell.

-wake up early, too early for saturday
-go to farmer's market
-have the time of your life
-especially enjoy ruby snaps' almond white-chocolate chip cookie
-go to bikram yoga
-feel as though you might die
-feel as though you are the shiiiiiiiiii because you finished bikram yoga
-feel great, but really sweaty

-all of the sudden, feel as though you might die again
-blame it on the fact that you didn't drink enough water before you perspired half your body weight
-sleep it off
-wake up just in time to party with the woods
-party with the woods

-go to church
-get really important things accomplished there
-eat a delectable meal afterwards
-lounge for too long
-drive 100 miles to the spiral jetty

-be afraid that aliens might abduct you in this strange land, far from civilization

-get home safely despite your fears
-skype mama walt for an hour
-laugh the whole time
-try to watch 500 days of summer
-stop watching 500 days of summer because your computer shuts down voluntarily
-be happy that you just bought an imac
-fall asleep
-dream about your new imac

-sleep in too long
-think that it is probably because you went to sleep at 2am
-help mom with her blogging masterpiece
-be persuaded by paige to put on your swimsuit
-drive to grandma's to go swimming
-dance around in your new swimsuit for a while
-decide to jump in
-decide it is too cold to jump in
-jump in anyway
-regret it
-jump in again
-get out of the pool because it is raining on the 4th of july!
-go to the indoor pool
-go see the most abstract film you've ever seen
-love it because 1) it's pretty 2) it's at the broadway
-admire the sign at the concession stand that says "edamame: they make an independent film better"
-think about the movie that you just saw for hours on end
-eat a fitting meal for the 4th - texas roadhouse
-love that
-get home just in time for the circle firework show

was that long?

hey, happy 5th of july.


Mark and Lisa said...

long but lovely

paige. said...

i loved this. also i loved that you got so much accomplished at church on sunday. proud.