you are what you drink.

{jessica peterson photo from here.}

diet coke turns 29 today.

we grew up together.
i drank from a seven-eleven straw before i drank from a sippy cup.
my consolation through many a hard day.
and finals week in college.
my refreshment after bike gang outings and my companinon at favored hang outs.
we've sat though countless movies together.
hand-in-hand, heart-in-heart.

you are what you drink was the slogan for diet coke in 1998. perfect.
other slogans from diet coke through the years:

-just for the taste of it {1982}
-do what feels good {2002}
-it's a diet coke thing {2004}
-light it up {2006}
-hello you ... {2009}
-stay extraordinary {2010}

aren't those great? hello you ...

happy birthday.
you know i love you.


Mark and Lisa said...

How great is that - Diet Coke's birthday! Who knew? You better celebrate by getting one tonight!

paige. said...

next year, the big 3-0, let's build a coke fountain. like the old vegas one. and let's go to sev tonight and put a candle in the big gulp and let the dc blow it out.