what i eat at work: the jvdge cafe.

{please pretend that i took this picture at jvdge's and forget that i really got it from here.}

last week we ate at the jvdge cafe for lunch. i love this area of salt lake, especially it's bustle during the lunch hour. watching the jimmy john's delivery boys come back and leave again on their bikes is one of my favorite lunch past times.

the jvdge building was built in 1906 by mary judge. it's a charming building. most charming are the colorful ceramic tiles and big windows that look out into the busy city. the balsamic chicken sandwich was pretty charming as well with sauteed mushrooms, provolone, and garlic mayo.
mmm ... 

try it out. thank me later.

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Mark said...

I had the Maui Chicken Wrap. Yum. Don't forget the gargantuan brownie that could feed a family of four.