working girl {part two}.


have i been really rude about my job?
i'm sorry.
i've been cynical.

and to make up for it i've prepared a
things i LIKE about my job list:

-$15 hourly with no bills makes me pretty rich. rich enough for new clothes, new computers, good food, and dreams about new condos.
-aundrea hill and other funny people with whom i work.
-being downtown salt lake city every day, which makes for some good eats for lunch.
-being near mother.
-i haven't heard a single curse word since my employment began. imagine that.
-when you tell people in the church that you work for the church, it's like you're an insider on all churchly happenings, even if your only duty is answering phones for the 11th floor.
-having a plant. it makes my days brighter and i wouldn't have it without the cob's plant day every third wednesday.
-i work pretty good hours, if i do say so myself. who else do you know that gets an hour lunch to play spider on her ipod?
-because of my lack of things to do, i can do other important things like organize mission letters, finish mission journals, complete travel journals, make paper tissue flowers, etc.
-i'm pretty tech savvy now and i attribute this to my sitting in front of a computer screen with nothing to do for 40 hours a week.

see? it really isn't that bad.


Mark said...

Keep those positive thoughts coming. Be patient, you're in a good place and you'll have other opportunities.

Annie and Steven Hamilton said...

Work and money are sooo overrated. I think we should all become farmers. Think about it. You can grow your own food, make your clothes, ride horses, what isn't there to love??

Mark and Lisa said...

Haha - Annie you are funny! Court I am glad to see some positives about working for the Church. I have loved it for 27ish years now. I can understand how hard it is when you don't have much to do though! All good things will come in time.

wjmom said...

You haven't heard a curse word? We're not hanging out enough...

paige. said...

also you don't have to worry about children throwing up on you. like i almost had to worry about today. 2 kids...dry heaving...right my my favorite new vera bradely bag. brats. but maybe that happens to you there sometime. i hear mexican has that affect on tommy and the boys. whoa too far. bye.