favored fall facets by annie.

to usher in the new season, i've asked some of my favorite people to share 5 fall loves.

{wife to my cousin/sister in-law/wedding planner extraordinaire/future business partner}

my five fall favs:

1. the food (spices, the produce, soup, etc)
2. the colors
3. perfect temperature
4. halloween
5. thanksgiving

**oh annie, you're wonderful. lets make lavender ice cream before winter comes and no one eats ice cream.

one of my favorite things about fall is the relief society general broadcast, which takes place the weekend before general conference. this last saturday, dieter uchtdorf spoke to women around the world about being happy now. this, i think, can be quite difficult at different times in our lives. what better way to remedy this than by gratitude. being grateful for the little things that bless our lives everyday. things like soup, and fall colors, and the perfect temperature. it's things like that that make life so wonderful. don't you agree?


paige. said...

annie you are great. you make me love fall more. and sister...you make me love life more. great series idea. loves.

Annie and Steven Hamilton said...

I think you guys are great, and I also think this series is great. And I am so up for making some Lavender ice cream. Let's do it soon!!

Annie and Steven Hamilton said...

You guys are both great. For some reason I tried to comment on here and it didn't work. sooo... here it is. We should totally make lavender ice cream!