favored fall facets by sarah.

{fellow yogi/the only white girl i know that frequently dons corn rows/fastest towel folder west of the mississippi/best quote keeper and sayer}

{sarah and i in our younger, more flexible days.}


1. football
2. halloween/holidays
3. bright, multi-colored leaves
4. PUMPKINS {i love pumpkins so so so much -- i always have several mini pumpkins lying around as well as a couple big ones; one day when i'm rich, i'll have pumpkins EVERYWHERE}
5. jacket/long-sleeved weather -- cool, crisp air

**you love her already don't you? sarah is so enthusiastic, which is one of many reasons i love her so much.

one from my list, fall fashion. the beginning of school brings a bookish look to our pallets and the change from warm to cool weather brings long sleeves and scarves and jackets. i love how the trend in color changes from blue and white stripes to neutrals and warm reds, yellows, and oranges. unfortunately, the result of this love is monetary depletion and large donations to jcrew.


brittney said...

A) how much do I love this series
B) I love the heck out of you guys. I can barely stand how happy this post has made me.


Sarah and Wes said...

Yay!!!! Also, Courtney, my hair is purple. Is just thought you would appreciate that. Love you.