a page outta my notebook: mission study journals {part two}.

retrieved from the pages of my mission study journals.

-holy father translated into chinese.
-"cultivate good and optimistic attitudes. be happy. love what you do."
-"you always compromise the work when you lack unity."
-a name: ruby
-"the burbs." {i'm pretty sure i wrote this because audrey didn't understand what i was saying when i asked her if she had seen the burbs. and it was during conference so i couldn't yell.}
-this is joy
-festival music theme
  • blessed among women
  • matt 1:21
  • precious and chosen vessel
  • with the angels we too rejoice
-important personal revelation, oct 14.
i decided last night that i'm not going to think about what i'm doing after my mission. i'll just "let it flow". although, i must say, that this morning i liked the idea of moving to new york
also, i decided i'm going to make a quilt when i get home.
-"we have the agency to choose which characteristics will define us; those choices are not thrust upon us." dallin h oaks
-i heart mary rich
-good one! *alma 7:23-25
-"i will be valiant." -vanja watkins
-"focus on the good. have a happy heart." - elder gunell
-sister wightman THE missionary
-word that describes sister wightman: SPIRITED
-dying testimonies: event - training meeting, things to say - i LOVE you. isaiah 35:3-4. maybe our missions aren't all about the people we teach or refer or baptize, maybe sometimes its about the relationships we've made.
-note to self: have elder stewart write to paige
-mar 1.
last night was call outs.
so i was packing.
by the end of it all i was so overwhelmed that i just laid on my bed and started to cry. sister staley, trying to be a comfort said "i hear the members feed you really well in taylorsville."
the sobbing started and didn't end for like 10 minutes. i've never cried that hard in my entire life.
i was crying because i was tired.
because i hurt sister muthuswamy's feelings.
because my bed was a mess.
because i'm stressed.
but mostly because i love my mission and i don't want to leave. because i love tracting and teaching and testifying and inviting. because i love dc and maryland, because i love my bike and my sisters.
it hurts.
love cw.


Mark and Lisa said...

Awwww! It is hard to leave your mission isn't it? Sad, but I am happy you are home!

brittney said...

I love that taylorsville story.

and that quote by elder oaks - I read that a couple years ago. probably 2009. a couple years after the interview. and I have definitely seen that principle (in the context he was talking about, and in other contexts) to be true, but it really matters where we are willing to put our energy.

Audrey said...

what's the burbs?