state fair rompin.

{the cop dog - a hambuger patty between two slices of doughnut. yum?}

the last time i went to the fair i was in high school, accompanied by katie, jentri, and lynsey. i'm pretty sure we just looked at the pigs, then left.

but i'm changing my ways. this year i intend to take full advantage of all that the utah state fair has to offer. and according to my recent readings, it offers quite a bit {see photo above}. where else would you find a maggot melt sandwich, fried kool aid, chocolate covered ants, and fried butter?

it ends on sunday. any takers?


brittney said...

my family went to the idaho state fair without me... and... I cried the whole day. they kept texting me pictures of lemonade and corn dogs and powdered sugar covering deep fried everything.

so yeah, I'll go with you... if you come to the one here.

paige. said...

i am so there. i dream about eating fried maggot melts and washing it down with some nice fried kool-aide.

wjmom said...

My friend read "fried koolaid" to me this morning, and all day I've been wondering: HOW DO YOU FRY KOOLAID?

Let me know...

Mark and Lisa said...

I read that article too while I was eating my breakfast of scrambled eggs with tomatoes. Just so you know, I almost lost my whole breakfast when I read about that sandwich that I cannot even type the name of. Seriously!!!!