friday happenings.

today was probably one of the more boring days of my entire life. really. 8 hours of ABSOLUTELY nothing to do, but sit in front of my computer screen and wait for the phone to ring. and while i type this i'm remembering the following phrase:

which isn't remotely true. i am exciting. my job ... not.

i did the following to save my brain from self destruction:
-counted my calories for the day
-searched for the perfect movie to watch thanksgiving day {have you seen pieces of april? if not, you should}
-looked up all the nominees for the academy award's best picture and counted how many i've seen
-in preparation for monday, looked up the best horror movies of all time
-text and called a few people to ask how i should fill my time
-played sudoku
-pondered about why "cool crowds" end up in every social situation in our lives, you think that after high school, they might be over and done with, but no
-listened to this and this and this and this and this ...
-tried to convince myself that i am creative enough to take shannen's family christmas photo tomorrow
-tried to think of a way i could convince myself and maybe one or two others to go to this exhibit before it closes
-stalked peoples interests via pinterest

and for a brief moment {30 minutes} i got MAJOR action when i signed the lease for my new apartment {cue billy joel}! 

have a good weekend.

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