a day in the life.

what is it really like to be courtney? i know you are all wondering.

i am truly amazed at the amount of time i am capable of wasting each day {i hope none of my superiors are reading this}. i've become quite accustomed to my lack of work at my current WORKplace, and have therefore taken wasting time to a new high, an art if you will.

here's my list of things to do each morning when i come in:
-work email
-get those things done right off {or mark them as red to finish later}
-personal email {maybe do a little online shopping THANKS JCREW!}
-facebook {just a little. haha.}
-the blogs
-des news
-sometimes a trib sudoku game or two
-bank account
-busy work {my profession}

then i go home to my new studio apartment.

what a life huh!


StevenHamilton said...

I was hoping part of that was "play the piano while looking out the window."

Audrey said...

love the layout!