fun that comes with a degree in psychology.

i love comparing people to inanimate objects. it's so entertaining. once in a district meeting on my mission, we had to say what fruit our companion would be if he or she was a fruit. apparently i can quite easily be compared to a pomegranate {"closed, but really fun once you finally get inside, haha!"}.

megan allen is a pineapple {"flirty, thirty, and thriving" wait no, flirty, frilly and fun}.

today i had the same discussion, but with spices. how this came up i'll never know.

brooks came out as red hot chili peppers.

muthuswamy as cumin.

i came out as garam masala "the kicker spice {muthuswamy's words}."

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breanne said...

When I was on my mission I hated doing companionship inventory (because most of my companions couldn't stand me, actually) so each week we would pick something (animal, fruit, etc) and tell each other what we thought they were and why it described them. I think it worked pretty well, and worked for us so much better than a list of things we couldn't stand about each other! :)

PS, love your pic.