i am a very happy girl.

this morning i woke up at 5:30am and travelled 5 blocks to planet fitness and cycled my way through the morning news. bliss.

yesterday i got off work and walked outside to dark gloominess, but was quickly consoled by the 700,000 lights that greeted me as i walked to my car. bliss.

then i went to the temple and still got home by 6pm. bliss.

i had the BEST idea for the BEST gift for the BEST girl. bliss.

oh, and i spent the night with my christmas tree.

isn't she BEAUTIFUL?

this is my happy face.


Roxanne said...

love the new blog look... and your tree is beautiful!

paige. said...

this makes me so happy! i amso jealous of your urban lifestyle. sounds...blissful. and your tree is to DIE for. so adorb.

Bow Baby said...

Your tree is so YOU. I love it!

Bow Baby said...

P.S. It's Aundrea, but I'm using our daughter's account right now...

Mark said...

I just love everything about you!