the gift that keeps on giving.

santa gave me a $15 gift card to itunes this year. i so rarely receive money for music, so when i do, i think very deeply, search my soul for what it should be spent on. 
what i'm sayin is, it has to be good. 

i recently saw the film it's kind of a funny story. it was just my thing :  mental illness, the brooklyn bridge, and david bowie impersonations. my question is why no one told me about this film earlier!?! 
it had good music. maybe i'll buy that soundtrack.

i saw this festive music video a few months ago and liked that song. maybe i'll buy some of them.

i just heard about this boise sensation {boise? right.}, youth lagoon. maybe i'll buy into him.



RochelleHaddad said...

Loch Lomond

Cassie said...

I got a $15 itunes card too, and little did I know there were others out there who take such a gift so seriously, and dedicate so much thought to such significant 15 decisions.