remember when this happen like 4 days ago? and now look at it! 
but don't think for one second that snow will stop me from going to city creek today to buy l'occitane's shower oil. i picture my life after this purchase as being sans lotion. 

been browsing around the kate spade blog lately. especially wanting this. sososo bad.
hey audrey! here's a white floral iphone case. it's the thought that counts.
how have i not loved ranunculus sooner in my life?
what are your thoughts on this band? and their choice of percussion.
last night was my first experience with creme brulee. and you bet your bottom dollar i patterned my experience after amelie.


Annie and Steven Hamilton said...

I heart creme brulee. We should eat some sometime.

paige. said...

i love that iphone case so much i am considering buying it and using it and sneaking my iphone with my on the mission. JUST KIDDING!!!! whoa just kidding. i would never eva. and you should move back to provo so that you can have 100 friends that will listen to imagine dragons with you.

Sarah and Wes said...

Beautiful pic! And I can't believe you guys had snow. Actually I can--you're in Utah :D I've never had creme brulee but it sounds divine. I will have to get some sometime.