today for lunch we tried guzzie's on 8th and main.
picture your stereotypical inner city burger joint and you're there. srsly, i heard like 50 expletives and threw my trash away in that dumpster behind me. but it was delish. give it a try {but don't make the mistake we did and try going on a saturday, cause they're not open}.

paige and i plan to pretend we are in st george this weekend, since somebodies are going without us! we don't need a pool and 90 degree weather, we'll just run through the sprinklers. so there!

and in other news:
really wanting this jcrew cardi, but can't talk myself into spending 75 bucks on it.
kinda want to frequent palm beach after read this post.
oh! i never told you, but the l'occitane shower oil turned out to be great. great! it would be a perffff mother's day gift.
lastly, this is being added to my summer to-do list {all of which must be completed by june 20th, the day the world ends}.

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brittney said...

why is j crew si expensiiiiiive