antelope island picnic.

tuesday night, emily, amelia, and i decided to check off the first item on our 2012 summer to-do list; go to the spiral jetty. however, we left at 5:30pm and then i was too scared to be there when it was dark {you know, aliens and stuff}. so we made a slight change in plans and went to antelope island instead. it was beautiful! perfect summery activity.

after some photography on the causeway to the island, we found a secluded spot to sit and picnic. 

emily made the most delicious meal: 
pita chips with pine nut hummus and the BEST basil dip i've ever eaten
salami dijion sandwiches on rye bread
chocolate chip oatmeal muffins with orange zest
 and capri suns!

after we finished our feast, we went exploring. there were actually quite a few people beaching on the banks of the great salt lake. we felt like we weren't in utah anymore. 

the longest shadows ever cast.


Mark and Lisa said...

That looks so fun! Beautiful pictures and you looked like you "weren't in Utah anymore"!

Amelia said...

I loooove this post of our antelope island adventure. Sums it up wonderfully :)

Emily said...

I never told you, but this is a great post! I want to get all the pictures from you...except maybe that dead bird pic. Gross!