maybe it will be in a bed of big, fluffy, marriott pillows that i land.

it's paige's last friday in salt lake; next friday she'll be eating papa john's pizza in the provo mtc. we've gotta send her off right so we're packing our weekend full of continuous express summer items. 

it is country fest in south jordan this weekend, which is really no replacement for taylorsville dayzz, but that's all we got. moonrise kingdom comes out today. we will mos def be seeing this at our favorite salt lake city hang out, the broadway. add to that more swimming and biking, hiking and tent sleeping and we'll have ourselves a weekend.

  • you'll never guess what opened today in salt lake. an open air tour bus! i cannot explain how excited i am for this. must go asap!
  • i've been finding all sorts of delicious looking, summer reminding treats lately. yum, yum, yum.
  • in honor or father's day, an article about the irreplaceable dad.
  • anyone traveling to japan soon? wanna grab this for me?

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