saint georging.

you know what i love? i love st. george. my family has owned  a condo in washington for 25+ years. we go often enough that i consider it my home away from home. i love the heat, i love our pool, i love the relaxation.  

for a few reasons* i decided to make a list of things to do in utah's vacation spot. so, without further ado,

if you find yo self in saint geezy:

st. george used to be the CAPITOL for antique shopping (at least in my mind). recently a lot of the old shops have closed but we still have one, urban renewal. this consignment shop has all sort of things from home decor to vintage clothing. located at 5 east saint george boulevard.

this is the best greek food to meet my mouth. i always get the chicken pita platter, or the mediterranean platter, which comes with tabouli, pita, humms, olives, veggies, and skordalia YUM! their fries are also top notch. fries or greek salad? that is my constant mad pita dilemma. located on the southwest corner of red cliffs drive and 2450 east in the pineview plaza.

3. snow canyon
there is plenty to do in snow canyon. watching the sun rise is pleasant, jumping down sand hills is pretty fun. i have many fond memories of family picnics in the park and exploring the sandstone hills. we always like "jenny's canyon" near the entrance to the park. located near ivins, you can't miss it.

4. visit the ancestor square farmers' market every saturday,

5. judd's
if you remember, i have a dream to own an ice cream parlor some day. judd's is pretty close to achieving my dream, an old-timey candy shoppe/ice cream parlor. located at 62 west tabernacle street.

6. 25 main
good for a cupcake.

7. see a movie
all their movie theaters were recently purchases by larry miller, which wouldn't normal excite me, but it means that they all switched over to coke products! and with the best ice. 

8. go to a used book store
there are a ton. choose one and go in, then say goodbye to your afternoon.

once after a long and hot hike in snow canyon, we dreamt of a treat that was creamy but icey. our dreams came true when we stopped at larsen's and were introduced to a glacier. they don't make em like this anymore. this is a pull-up and order place. i'm a sucker for that fresh lime slushie ice cream goodness. their piccadilly chips are also quite good. located at 858 east saint george boulevard.

10. dixie mountain
oh what great adventures you can have on this mesa overlooking saint george. they just built a lookout, somewhere up there is a narrow little path that is fun to try and squeeze through (not suggested for the claustrophobic), if you're looking for a place to stay, never worry because there is a little house up there, with chimney and all.

11. red hills desert garden
right next door to all the dixie mountain fun is the sweetest little garden and IT'S FREE! here you walk through different areas of desert plants; flowers, native, cactus, and even fish and dinosaur tracks! there are streams and benches to rest on to enjoy the view. it's the perfect sunday evening activity.

12. glitter pit&petroglyph adventure
this is our newest discovery and it is radical. all deserve to see this. about 12 miles from st george, into arizona, in a place that feels like the middle of no where, there are 1} petroglyphs and 2} a "glitter pit" about a mile away from one another. therefore the clever "glitter pit&petroglyph adventure" name. be aware that this is a dirt road kind of deal and i do not suggest that you make this trip in your cute little scion that you recently purchased because it might break off a piece of the bumper that will then just hang there until your dad fixes it. but that's just me. here are the directions:
  • take i15 southbound to the southern parkway exit.
  • take the river road exit heading south, this is where the dirt road begins.
  • in .5 miles turn left at the sign for the little black mountain petroglyphs.
  • in about 3 miles you will come to the petroglyph site {which includes a pavilion and bathroom!}.
  • to go on to the glitter pit, do not continue back the way you came, go east on the dirt road {not south}.
  • in about 2 miles you will see an abandoned phillips 66 and a sign that reads "st george 10 miles".
  • turn right at the sign.
  • drive 1.5 miles, the glitter pit will be on your right. you'll know you're there when you see the snow! in the middle of the desert.
the round-about-location-meaning-i-"dropped-a-pin"-when-we-were-there address is "sunshine trail road, littlefield, az". perhaps a trusty iphone could be of use here.

13. go to the city pool on 250 east and 700 south.

14. kanaraville falls
you can find this hike just a short distance from st. george off the kanaraville exit (exit 42) north of st. george. i like to call this mini-zion cause it sure feels a lot like zion in those slot canyons, wading through water for 75% of the hike. it's a moderate hike, 4.8 miles round-trip, and 3 hours tops. SO PRETTY! and VERY worth your while.

15. HELLO! all you really need to do is sit by the pool and listen to a good playlist and you will have the time of your life.

and there you have it. 
now go have fun in saint george and never say to me again that it is boring.

*the reasons for which i made this list are as follows:  1) people say to me all the time there's nothing to do in st. george, it's boring. this offends me, 2) a friend asked me to make a list, and i wanted to make it accessible to others, 3) one time, not too long ago, i heard about the most amazing place near saint george, a place we HAD to go to. unfortunately not a single person could tell us where it was, even my trusty iphone failed me. i am a pioneer posting directions to this location, and finally, 4) sometimes people ask me what they should do in places i've been because they think i know and they are right!
**warning to coke drinkers - the one downfall to mad pita is that it serves pepsi products, but water goes just fine with gyros.

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wjmom said...

I haven't spent a lot of time in St. George, but I love it there. Thanks for the tips! Looking forward to our trip south in a few weeks!