remarkably charismatic.

you know those people that just have it? everyone is attracted to them, they don't need to talk, just smile and they win the hearts of millions, light up a room? you know.

i am not that.

after reading an article on inc.com about charisma, i'm starting to think that secret, powerful it factor is charisma. lucky me they listed 10 habits of remarkably charismatic people:

1. they listen way more than they talk.
2. they don't practice selective hearing.
3. they put their stuff away.
4. they give before they receive--and often they never receive.
5. they don't act self-important ... 
6. ... because they realize other people are more important. **
7. they shine the spotlight on others.
8. they choose their words.
9. they don't discuss the failings of others ...
10. ... but they readily admit their failings.

** "you already know what you know. you know your opinions. you know your perspectives and point of view. that stuff isn't important, because it's already yours. you can't learn anything from yourself. but you don't know what other people know, and everyone, no matter who they are, know things you don't know. that makes then a lot more important than you--because they're people you can learn from."

imagine a world where people thought other's opinions had more value than their own. imagine that kind of respect. imagine what work and politics and church would be like. 

i need to be better.

read the whole article here.

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brittney said...

So Chris and I talked about this article on Friday. We mostly talked about #3. It was an obvious point for me, but I really liked it. One of my favorite quotes is something like... the most charming people make you believe that both you and they are wonderful. And it's hard to do that if you're checking updates on your phone while you're talking to them.

anyway. glad you liked it too.