a refinery29 article with yoga how-tos had me yearning for my yoga class this week. 

which had me thinking i successfully completed my goal to do more yoga while i was 24.

which had me contemplating my rounding out the last of my 24 things list. i deem this year a success. i think i marked off some nice goals. i'm proud. i feel accomplished.

1. go to disneyland.
2. hike mount timpanogos.
3. do more yoga.
4. travel outside of the united states.
5. finish reading jesus the christ.
6. read till we have faces. -- half checked off
7. go to paris with faux parisian.
8. make a quilt.
9. participate in a triathlon.
10. buy a condo and/or move to nyc. -- i'm gonna go ahead and count renting my little slc apt
11. jump off the high dive.
12. go to texas to see this bundle of joy.
13. ride my bike with no hands.
14. apply to graduate school.
15. have 1/2 of a master's degree in education.
16. obtain a larger, age appropriate wardrobe.
17. learn the art of watercolor.
18. remember the art of ceramics.
19. watch 5 2, never before seen, classic films. -- gentlemen prefer blondes, strangers on a train, the bicycle thief, ...
20. get a {henna} tattoo.
21. take an overnight trip with paige so she can use her delta airline refund.
22. learn how to slalom ski.
23. hike the narrows.
24. have blonde hair again.

12/24. half. maybe i don't feel accomplished ... nevertheless, i'll dust my shoulder off and try again this year. suggestions for the 25 things to do before i turn 26 list are now being accepted. 

stay tuned.


marie said...

wait you do yoga? where? what class? i really want to try it out, bring some zen into my life. can you help me?

courtney wightman said...

yeah i do yoga! i love it! i have jumped around a bit to different studios. i would recommend just taking it at your local rec center to begin, maybe take one of those continuing education classes, or come with me sometime!