currently loving.

a long, long time ago i used to do these little love lists every month on my blog. the great thing about them was the act of looking for good, for "lovable details"; and whenever they came around the moment was sweetened by my looking for it. it's a happy way to live.

- cocoa latteeeeee!!!!

- the sleep time app
it brings me joy in the morning to wake up and see my sleeping habits in graph form.

- my boss
i haven't told you much about my dear boss, but i've been wanting to document these things he does: 1) the most trouble i've ever gotten in at work was when i wore a red cardigan on a byu game day, 2) i once made the mistake of telling him that i voted for obama. he didn't react much at the time, but the next monday he called me into his office and said "have you repented?" i assumed that it was because i wore red the previous week so i answered yes. he then pointed to another gentleman sitting in his office. the man looked at me and said "you know, i served my mission with mitt romney, he is a really good guy." jared just smiled at me and said "we just wanted you to know that." 3) he's called me "c" since the day i got here.

- jimmy fallon as mitt romney

- working in the temple
this is actually a kind of love-hate relationship. during and directly after i love it, but come thursday and friday night ... sometimes in the mornings though i feel this way.

- calling mitt romney "mittens"

- going to my parents house JUST to watch all the movies i have taped on their dvr
last night was a gem, mystic river.

- taking fall photos

baby yellow leaf. and my feet.

baby orange pumpkin, adorable new dress. and my feet.

- barb
barb is my new desk neighbor at work. when people ask me how i like sitting in my new area the first thing i say is "i sit by barbara burdick." they usually know what i'm talking about. the best things about her are: 1) she voted for obama, 2) her birmingham, alabama accent 3) the first week i started working on this floor she took wednesday, thursday, and friday off because her dog died on wednesday, thursday they mourned, and friday they went out and got a new puppy, 4) she tells jokes like this everyday:
this elderly man and woman were in bed late at night and a burglar came in. the wife woke up to the man standing in their bedroom and she quickly woke up her husband. the robber then explained that now he had to kill both of them because they both saw him. but before killing them he asked their names. the wife said "my name is elizabeth." the burglar got a disappointed look on his face and said "great! now i can't kill you! my mother's name was elizabeth." he then asked what the husband's name was: "my name is ronald, but everyone calls me elizabeth."
5) she has helped me to realize something about myself, i sneeze everyday around 11am, 6) she used to be a country singer and can be heard singing maroon 5 just about everyday, 7) she tried to set me up with her nephew by posting my picture on his facebook wall and writing beneath it "this is courtney wightman, the girl i want you to go out with"; she hasn't heard from him since.

until next time!
keepin an eye out for lovable details.


brittney said...

aw yeah. I LOVE this return and also thanks for the shout out :)

Amelia said...

Barb sounds like a gem!!