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sorry in advance for the scattered randomy of this post. here's what's been in my head for the past week; the odds and ends of my thoughts:

- halloween halloweek hallomonth is on my mind.
- i have a friend that is celebrating halloween by finding a haunted velvet room in the byu campus library.
- should i be alice of alice in wonderland, tippi hedren of the birds, marie antoinette of ... versaille? or a strong man?
5 ways to relish in fall this weekend and i would like to switch all my white socks out for patterned ones please.
- bought this dress in red yesterday and i cannot wait to wear it. also can't wait to wear this and this and this that i bought last weekend.
- silly halloween comic via kings and cosmics. have i told you about kings and cosmics? this girl is a hilarious writer.
- i think i need this bag.
- i'm like obsessed with buzzfeed right now. their sense of humor is spot on. two of my recent favorites: 15 reasons why the internet was lame in the 90s and 15 underrated perks of living with your parents (for ann).
- all i have been thinking about today is eating at j wong's tonight. eating chinese food in salt lake city; if you like either or both of those things it's right up your alley.
- i'm going to start reading the picture of dorian gray. that's halloweenie right?

i'll send you off with this halloween playlist i made especially for you.

*i recently realized that you can't listen to this unless you have spotify. if you have yet to download spotify, join the online sensation and do it already!


Mark said...

i vote for tippi

brittney said...

first of all, I LOVE Kings and Cosmics.

second of all, alice in wonderland. I have wanted to do that one for SO LONG. maybe next year.

RochelleHaddad said...

I think you should be a strong man. That would be so much fun! I want to see you flash those muscles!!

mack said...

I vote strong man, though tippi would be fun. I loved this post, thanks, and I have yet to jump on the spotify bandwagon...but I do love Mack the Knife. :)

breanne said...

Umm, I used to clean that haunted velvet room. And yeah, totally creeped me out.