100 thankful thoughts.

1.a big family 2.my parents house, a home to me wherever i may be 3.salt lake city 4.washington,dc 5.taranto,italy 6.the restored gospel of jesus christ 7.my job 8.barbara burdick 9.jared doxey 10.paige 11.mom 12.dad 13.the salt lake temple 14.the opportunity to work in the temple 15.planet fitness 16.audrey 17.new hobbies 18.anthropologie 19.blogs 20.all my cousins 21.my wightman family heritage 22.my wood family heritage 23.big, tall smart water bottles 24.goals 25.plants 26.knowledge 27.fancy soap 28.my iphone 29.my imac 30.sufjan stevens 31.my dad's music taste 32.my dad's movie taste 33.movies 34.the theater experience 35.music, of all kinds 36.culture 37.the book of mormon 38.revelation 39.prophets and apostles 40.cute little scions 41.missionaries 42.good food!! 43.stevenannie 44.talents 45.spotify 46.mission presidents 47.mission companions 48.the dc vc 49.byu 50.tradition 51.grandma wood 52.art 53.rhodes rolls 54.french silk pie 55.season change 56.colored nail polish 57.saturday morning breakfast at home 58.sunday dinner at home 59.my mom's cooking 60.roommates, old and new 61.friends 62.tv shows, but mostly just recording them and then watching later. 63.lessons from my mother 64.cocoa latte 65.herbal tea 66.city creek 67.chick fil-a 68.paper source (and that they are opening one in fashion place mall!!) 69.stylish men 70.bearded men 71.netflix 72.space heaters 73.warm things 74.my bed 75.big windows 76.jesus the christ 77.mary rich 78.l'occitane 79.the ensign (especially the current conference issue) 80.insurance 81.my education 82.psychology and art history 83.letters from my missionary 84.diet coke (especially from mcdonald's for only $1, 7-11, and the cute pharmacy across the street) 85.pretend nieces and nephews 86.mosiah4:5-12 87.my mia clarisonic 88.my boscia black mask 89.clinique 90.savings 91.christmas lights on temple square 92.forgiveness 93.jesus christ and his atonement 94.prayer 95.funny things 96.pretty things 97.bloggin 98.nail files 99.happy attitudes 100.new opportunities

happy thanksgiving! if you're bored between eatings, read living in thanksgiving daily by joseph b. wirthlin. it will put everything into perspective today. and it's wonderful.

"gratitude is a mark of a noble soul and a refined character. we like to be around those who are grateful. they tend to brighten all around them. they make others feel better about themselves. they tend to be more humble, more joyful, more likable ... gratitude turns a meal into a feast and drudgery into delight. it softens our grief and heightens our pleasure. it turns the simple and common into the memorable and transcendent. it forges bonds of love and fosters loyalty and admiration."
joseph b. wirthlin


Annie and Steven Hamilton said...

We made the list!!!!

Amelia said...

Nice! So much good in that list. And that quote is great. I'll have to read the whole thing!!