top ten christmas movies.


hello readers! pretty busy month for yours truly, so you'll have to settle for an abbreviated post from me this month. however, each movie on this list will be featured in my 25 days of christmas movies, so if you're interested in hearing my thoughts on each of them in detail you can find them there.

christmas is one of my favorite times of year (despite the icky snow) and there's just something fun about christmas movies. whether it be that they help us prep for the holiday or allow us to escape the weather and curl up on the couch they definitely make the season bright! in honor of this month i present to you my top ten favorite christmas movies:

1. it's a wonderful life
2. a christmas story
3. the muppet christmas carol
4. rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
5. elf
6. mickey's christmas carol
7. how the grinch stole christmas! (animated version)
8. home alone
9. the santa clause
10. national lampoon's christmas vacation

**check out emily's 25 days of christmas movies on her blog; a christmas movie/day!! what more could you want? also she's holding a great contest in conjunction with the series ... lend an eye and you may win a trip to the movies!

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brittney said...

I saw It's a Wonderful Life for the first time this week. I cried - but there was some confusing ... dated stuff. The angel was my favorite character.