10 great love stories.

great love stories
another from emily, of movies and mayhem

hello readers! valentine's day is less than a week away! i've been preparing for it on my blog with a variety of loooooove related lists, but saved my absolute favorite love stories (in the form of big screen movie couples) for courtney.

there are so many love stories to choose from, but there's just something special about these couples:

1. elizabeth bennet & mr darcy
from pride and prejudice
ok i'll admit this is pretty much the end all be all love story for me. i remember reading the novel in high school and i just could not put it down. jane austen really had so much insight into human nature and both the novel and film are full of it! i think keira knightley is absolutely perfect as elizabeth. she really gets the playfulness of the character down and seems completely down to earth. her interaction with matthew mcfayden's mr darcy, to me was like watching the pages come alive. they were perfect (not everything about the movie was) but their romance was just as beautiful and epic as it should have always been.

2. clementine & joel
from the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
if you know me you know that (500) days of summer is my favorite relationship film, so it may be a shock that tom and summer are nowhere on this list, but they are too doomed for my taste. clementine and joel on the other hand have that small bit of hope that puts them right at number 2 on this list. sure they're messy, but they also share some beautifully real moments that make you hope that somehow this time will be different. they're not perfect, but somehow when they work they work.

3. han & leia
from star wars
ok, i really love anakin and padme too, but since their end was a little ... ahem ... less romantic, i didn't feel like i could include them. but it was inevitable that one star wars couple would make the list when it's coming from me. i love this couple. their witty banter never gets old. they're just straight up fun and classic.

4. satine & christian
from moulin rouge
baz, you've done it again. i love moulin rouge. i just love it! it's so unique and fresh ... there is really nothing quite like it, and this romance is all part of the beauty. i love christian's idealism of love and how it changes throughout the course of the film as he truly experiences the thing he's always dreamed. it's a beautiful story and nicole and ewan carry it off flawlessly.

5. superman & lois
from superman
their's is one of my favorite love stories ever. i just love the character of lois, and how strong she is in balancing the most powerful being on earth; that somehow she makes him feel human. truthfully, i do prefer how they've been portrayed on television than how they were handled in film ... but i'm hoping this changes with the release of man of steel.

6. jesse & celine
from before sunrise, before sunset, and before midnight
this is a truly interesting cinematic couple whose relationship we have been able to revisit 3 times over the course of 18 years. there's so much rich history between them, somehow they (and their relationship) seems so real. their connection is genuine and their conversations endlessly fascinating. though the years harden and change them, they are always interesting to watch.

7. tony & maria
from west side story
remember what i said about leo and claire? ditto that and more ... but really this couple is very special (i recently wrote about them here). the scene of them playing around the dress shop is one of the sweetest moments there is. too bad they had too much faith in people ... haha!

8. ilsa & rick
from casablanca
all it takes is a look between these two! their heart-wrenching romance is one for the ages. the ending is one of the most admirable in film history and their choice makes their love all the more powerful. sometimes real love is putting the best interest of someone else ahead of your own selfish desires.

9. edward scissorhands & kim
from edward scissorhands
beauty and the emo beast. so, this one is kind of an unusual pick ... but i really thought that johnny depp and winona ryder portrayed a very beautiful bond between these characters. there is a real sweetness in the story ... and well, i love it!

10. romeo & juliet
from baz lurhmann's romeo & juliet
leonardo dicaprio and claire danes had crazy amounts of chemistry in this adaptation by baz lurhmann. they really captured young love so well and yet were also able to make you feel the weight of the tragedy. this story has been done so many times, but is actually really hard to pull off without it feeling a bit shallow, and this one never felt that way to me.

well that's all. i know there are so many more ... but tune into my blog before valentine's day and maybe some other couples i missed will make an appearance in another post.
happy valentine's day!!


Joey said...

Whoa, most of those would not be on my top 10 list. But you've covered some of the ones who would in other movies. So some that you didn't...

One Fine Day: George Clooney and Michelle Pheiffer...the unbelievable part of the story is that either of them would be on their own, let alone both of them at the same time. Wins for beauty factor alone.

Picnic: Making up for missing it the other day. I hope, hope, hope it works out for Madge and Hal.

Cary Grant and anybody!

Murphy's Romance: May December, James Garner & Sally Field. A very cool character and love the when she tells him she's in love for the first time and he says he's in love for the last.

Harold & Maude. I thought it was funny.

Sarah said...

Well, you know I am a sucker for Superman. The way he looks at her when he says, "I like pink very much, Lois." I'm melting! I'm melting!