what i eat at work: eva's bakery.

i used to do these a lot, remember?

yesterday, while dining at one of salt lake's newest gems, i thought "hey self, remember when you used to talk about things you ate on your blog, you should do that again."

and here you have it:

(i'm not sure what the ACTUAL name is, but who cares when it's this cute right??)

don't you love that it's blue!? because of this, you can't miss it on main street. when you walk inside you feel like you've stepped out of salt lake and into paris (or at least this is what i'd assume it would feel like ...). i LOVE the interior architecture/design; they have this wonderful clean, white tile back splash behind the main counter, the tables are small and close together the way i like it. you walk past all the desserts and pastries to get to the seating, which sells you on their food before you've even sat down. i'm thinking the menu changes from time-to-time seeing it was a small printed menu with not that many items on it. i got the veggie mac&cheese with caramelized onions and seasonal vegetables, emily got the carbonara mac&cheese with bacon, peas, bechamel, gruy√®re melted on top. OH MAN! it was reaaalllyy good. so good in fact that i ate all the mac&cheese and didn't have room for dessert. i think that calls for another visit REAL soon. 

i most definitely recommend this. hey, maybe for a post-valentine's day, weekend brunch??


brittney said...

yay! so happy this is back :)

mack said...

Where is this place?! It looks like heaven. :) Thanks for the recommendation.