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hello again readers! spring is in the air (for now ...), and st. patrick's day is this sunday! unfortunately both kind of creeped up on me, so i am utterly unprepared for this list. as a result, i'm listing a wide variety of films that represent st. patrick's day ... in some way. some are good, some are bad; some i've seen, and some i haven't. with that in mind, let's get to the list!
the quiet man - this ireland set romance features john wayne playing a bit outside his norm (but just a bit) opposite the beautiful maureen o'hara. as a true irish woman, she naturally gives the most authentic performance of anyone from the movies on this list. this sweet love story is definitely worth watching for great performances, gorgeous irish scenery, and i must say it has a great addition to the cinematic rain kiss.

darby o'gill and the little people - i'll bet you didn't know that leprechauns make excellent matchmakers did you? then again, if you have a young sean connery to work with how hard could it be? this movie takes a while to get going, but once it does it's a hoot! however, i'm not gonna lie, a lot of my enjoyment came from sean connery in his prime. wow that guy was a fox! and his irish accent wasn't so bad either!

finian's rainbow - a delightful musical featuring a leprechaun and the pot of gold which was stolen from him. i didn't get a chance to re-watch this before the post so my memory of the film is quite faint, but it is a likable, fun film from what i recall.

gangs of new york - if you have always wondered what it would be like to hear leonardo dicaprio and cameron diaz attempt fake irish accents, gangs of new york is the film for you! this film is thrilling, tense, and features an incredible performance from daniel day lewis (wow what a shocker). it runs a little long for my taste and is really violent ... but all in the name of irish pride right?

the fugitive - sure this isn't the most irish, leprechaun filled, lucky film ... but if you want a memorable cinematic st. patrick's day, look no further than the fugitive. one of the finest scenes in the film takes place during a st. patrick's day parade. it may seem like a bit of a stretch to be included on the list ... but that sequence alone is so good it warrants its inclusion. plus they dyed the river green! how cool is that!?

leap year/p.s i love you - desperate times call for desperate measures. i would never really recommend either of these generic rom-coms (although leap year is probably the more tolerable of the two in my opinion). what do these two films have to offer that are relevant to this list? breathtakingly beautiful cinematography of the emerald isle. so if you just want some travel eye candy, put one of these on and put it on mute ...

just my luck - yep ... it's come to this ... my st. patrick's list couldn't be complete without a movie dedicated to luck. but the only one that came to mind was this silly film. but hey, it's a nice opportunity to see lindsay lohan right before she became un-bankable and on the path to melt down city. the real reason this film is at all watchable though? chris pine.

the luck of the irish (1948) - not to be confused with the silly, made-for-tv disney film about a boy who had leprechaun roots ... this film stars tyrone power as a man with a leprechaun for a conscience (so that's where ralph wiggum got the idea!). don't ask me how or why ... but this conscience has to be ten times better than jiminy cricket!

top o' the mornin'/pot o' gold - two irish themed old time rom-coms. one features bing crosby and the other features jimmy stewart ... so take your pick!

well that's all i got ... have a wonderful st. patty's!!


what a wonderfully diverse list, and yet ALL about (used loosely here) st. patrick's day! i have one more recommendation for the list: the departed! this film has some of my favorite things in it: martin scorsese as director, leo! with a boston accent!, matt damon, and my favorite ... the one and only jack nicholson. oh and mark wahlberg. oh and an irish mob, which is how it found itself on this list. i really love this movie. best to catch it on tv because, like gangs of new york, it's uber-violent.

check these out (also this festive post) for YOself and lá sona st pádraig!


Johanna said...

Well, I've seen a few of them and the best of the bunch is....The Quiet Man. Makes me proud to be Irish.

A few that were missed:

Waking Ned Devine (didn't love it like some critics did, but it's okay).

And Brigadoon. Sarah was in the junior incarnation of the movie. I never like it, but some of the music is good.

Sarah said...

I'll have to think about any other Irish/set in Ireland/St. Patrick's Day movies I can think of. As for your section on the movies you haven't seen, kudos to you for excluding the Leprechaun series. From everything I have heard, they are laughably bad and super violent! Though I have never seen them!

I guess, even though it isn't Irish, you could always include The Wizard of Oz because of the Emerald City! That's a lot of love for the color green, right there.