music monday.

not last saturday but the one before that, i went to the passion pit concert with a few friends. i don't know if it was the company or the band or just that my life has been really boring lately, but i had THE BEST time.

highlights :
1. the matt & kim opener, even if it came with a bunch of rowdy high schoolers.
2. having concert comrades :  complete strangers that you form an instant bond with as you bounce off each other's sweaty bodies, all to the soundtrack of your favorite band(s).
3. "bopping" to the front of the venue during the chorus of multiple songs (this was actually very well thought out and performed quite skillfully).
4. dripping ... DRIPPING! sweat.
5. this song, which i've always liked but now the memory of >>> the look ben and i gave each other when they started playing it and >>> singing/dancing my heart out during it, makes the sound SO much better. feel free to replace "sylvia" with "courtney", we did. 
6. the sev run afterwards.
7. and then of course, the hot shower.


Cassie said...

!! it was such a good time

Amelia said...

I also loved the bopping :) and the music and evvverything