what i eat at work: dexter's dogs.

not to be confused with farr's salad bar because that's what it used to be and no body told anyone that it isn't that anymore ...

so last week my mom lunch eating partner was going to bring me some dill havarti to eat on crackers for lunch. so french right? but when we met for lunch, she informed me that the cheese was moldy. #lunchfail after i stomped my feet and kicked a tree we were like "hey what the heck is dexter's dogs? and where did the salads go?" luckily the nice man waiting in front of us in line filled us in: what USED to be a farr's salad bar in city creek, on the south temple side next to macy's, is now DEXTER'S DOGS ... the hot dog part of farr's (<<<??? his words not mine). who knew that an ice cream company had so many facets? they have like six different kinds of hot dogs you can choose from; all american, chili dog, pizza dog? i got the sauerkraut dog with ... sauerkraut, special sauce, dijion and A PICKLE! and it was delectable. now, we all know that j dawgs rules for the best hot dog in utah, but this is a good stand-by if you're an hour away from the closest j dawgs.

oh! and i forgot the best part. total monies spent = $3.5!!!
beat that!
the dog.
please forgive the mop on my head; i'd like to tell you that it was windy, but really it's just because my hair is unruly and needs to be tamed.

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Meyer Family said...

We have a j dawgs in Lehi! Come visit us!