currently loving ...

- my new bike
- late night grease (the the form of in&out fries with a chocolate shake or iceberg onion rings with a diet coke ... i should probably think about not loving this so much ...)
- my summer skin
- hot dogs (up next on my things to do: go to redhot)
- perfecting homemade hummus
- the period store (this is exactly what you think it will be ...)
- killing time on kottke (try this)
- my institute teacher (which leads me to ...)
- having this thought: my institute class just ended for the semester. the new semester starts on august 29th. that semester will go until december 13th ... PAIGE WILL BE HOME BEFORE MY INSTITUTE CLASS ENDS!!!
- avocados
- aveeno positively radiant face lotion
- the yahoo! weather app
- watching next food network star

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Annie and Steven Hamilton said...

The Period Store?? My life has changed forever!