what i eat at work: oh mai.

image via theslcfoodie (check out her review too).

today we drove a little ways to eat at oh mai for lunch. located at about 33rd south and state, it's a drive to get to it from the center of downtown. but for oh mai, we made the trip. it seems that from the first moment i heard about oh mai (from my aunt linda) i never STOPPED hearing about it. so at the beginning of the year i decided it was time. 

they are famous for their banh mi sandwich, which is basically a vietnamese pho sandwich, but really everything on the menu is good. my parents are partial to the pho and bun, i like their spring rolls, my mom goes ga-ga over their garlic rib eye, i prefer the yellow curry. but the thing that really sets the sandwich apart is the crunchy bread and incredibly fresh veggies. every bite is a flavor explosion! it's cheap and not in the very least bit pretentious  oh, and when you go, you can often hear all sorts of conversations about how each customer found out about it (<<< my favorite part)

so ... if you live here or are visiting, make a trip to oh mai. you'll be surprised.

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