odds/ends, coming to you from boresville, usa (work). this might have been the most boring work week of the whole year ... when does that time come in life where you can take the whole summer off for swimming er whatever? 

without further ado, a list of what i have spent my time doing this week (since WORK wasn't really an option):

- something i've recently picked up on is podcast-listening, while working. it's like i'm learning AND working. or it's like i'm laughing AND working. or it's like i'm bored of music so podcasts are a good alternative. one that i've bookmarked, baconsale. i started listening to this podcast cause i occasionally see movies with one of the hosts, kent. i continued listening to this podcast cause it's really funny. i find myself quiet-work-laughing quite frequently during listening. to start you off, listen to the disney movie ranking episodes [episode 7: ranking disney part 1 (when you wish upon a tier) and episode 13: ranking disney part 2 (tier as old as time)]. they're silly and have a musical element. win win!

- if i want to feel really productive whilst wasting time, i like looking at our freaking budget. i actually went to byu with these two. aren't they adorable? they always have been. and now they're as cool as ever teaching the internet about finances, living in new york, with two darling children. two posts that i really like and are really worthwhile, why you should invest in a 401k and how to save for a home (probably because these two posts are really applicable to me).

- it's been about a year now since my first spa experience. turns out, i'm addicted now. i'm addicted to expensive 90-minute swedish massages. it's KIND of a problem but not really. it is the most pampering, luxurious past-time, which is SO ME! anyway, i'm heading to st. george today with the family. i thought it most fitting to celebrate my year-mark at the place it all started, st. george day spa. really i just wanted to write about it so i could think about it more, daydream if you will. so yeah, i recommend it.

- i can't explain why i've just now started watching comedians in cars getting coffee (i feel like a failure of a seinfeld fan). but i love it! the jim carrey one is a little weird, jimmy fallon is always the best, fred armisen, always funny, but i think my favorites are the sarah jessica parker and jon stewart episodes. check out the latest with stephen colbert. other shows i'm really into right now are the mind of a chef and the bachelorette, obviously.

- looking at pluto.

i also had to study for my real estate license, go to the dentist (NO CAVITIES!!!), and get my oil changed this week, so it's not all fun and games.

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