music monday.

this past monday, pitchfork released their 100 best tracks of 2015--just another reason december is one of the best months of the year. i love year-end lists and was pleased to see a handful of my favorite songs of 2015 represented in the hundred:

two sufjan stevens' songs from his latest album, carrie and lowell--forth of july at #69
it's hard to imagine too many artists capable of selling the line 'we're all gonna die' and wringing out so many layers of meaning. as the line is repeated--surrounded by hushed piano and a choir of backup voices--it becomes less a nihilist warning of an admission of defeat. it's a reminder to live, to embrace, to remember, to sing (t. cole rachel). 
and should have known better at #11! woo!

also, rihanna's bitch better have my money at #13, lana del rey's high by the beach at #75, father john misty's the night josh tillman came to our apt at #71, fka twig's in time at #52, jack u (featuring justin bieber) where are u now  at #38 (a j.b. song, shocking i know), kendrick lamar's blacker the berry at # 21, tame impala's eventually at #26, adele's hello at #15 (OBVI!), and EVEN drake's hotline bling coming in at #2!!!

as usual, the list also nets a bunch of great new stuff to listen to. take a look and find something beautiful for your ears to celebrate.

i'll leave you with two spotify playlists. first, my top 10 songs of 2015 (not necessarily FROM 2015, but in 2015--this is what i liked):

second, my top 100 played songs in 2015:

happy end-of-year! many a good song to you and yours!

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