it's the place.

i just LOVE being back in my city. i remember so vividly the morose day i left it, watching it descend below me as i flew off to an equally great city. i also remember, quite fondly, the anxious, but swell feeling i had as i approached it again after 18 months of being away {which was almost 6 weeks ago!! wha?}. 

it's salt lake city bay-bay. 

meet VINTO, one of salt lake's finest.

 try the gelato {geh, so good!}.

i'll leave you with a picture of lettuce head that has no relation to the rest of this post.


paige, will you blog again?



Mark said...

Mmmm! Vinto.

paige. said...

from lettuce head: one step ahead of you.

yay for slc!!

marie said...

i've never heard of vinto! i'm so excited to go! i can't believe i didn't know about this gem.