i just got word that GREG got baptized.

can i just talk about my mission for a second?

stales {the lovely in the green} and i, were boppin around one sunday afternoon in a not SO safe neighborhood, nevertheless, that was our job, so we prevailed. we knocked on a few doors and had no luck {actually the opposite of luck, mean people}. and it was starting to get dark, so we decided to leave. fortunately, we had the impression that we were NOT done, but needed to go across the street to a seemingly MORE scary part of the neighborhood. so we went. 
the first door we knocked on was GREG {seen in white above}. he didn't seem that interested and told us to maybe come back later {that's what they all say}. we knocked on the next door, no answer, and just as we began to walk down the stairs to leave the building, greg opened his door and told us to come back.

just so, so many things worked out in greg's favor:
-the pastor of his old church quit THAT SAME DAY!
-he was moving that week and we offered our services.
-the first week he came to church he made instant friends with a man who a}moved from utah about 6 weeks earlier and b}who's wife just happened to be out of town so he needed someone to sit by. 
-he COMPLETELY understood the message of the book of mormon. it was amazing. he just got it. i'd never taught anyone with that type of understanding before.
-although his wife was STRONGLY opposed to him meeting with us, she attended every lesson and {apparently}, gave her consent for him to be baptized.

in a blessing i received before my mission, i was promised that 
"miracles would be wrought through my eyes".

greg = miracle.  

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