thursday is supposed to be the best day of the week.

but mine was spent in a waiting room at lds hospital.

how did i keep myself busy you ask?

  • read the april issue of real simple twice.
  • watched my dad play angry birds and words with friends.
  • played one game of word search.
  • read a disturbing article on synthetic drugs. 
  • stared at others in the waiting room and concocted stories for them and how they got there.
  • sung THIS song in my head.
  • read rolling stone.
  • read vogue {rather, LOOKED at vogue}.
  • read "believing christ".
  • complained.
  • took pictures of the nice water colors on the wall {see below}.

ps. get well soon mom.


Annie and Steven Hamilton said...

oh what happened? Is your mom ok? Are you ok? The hospital is not a very fun place to be- although I do enjoy looking at the magazines there as well.

Sarah and Wes said...

I hope your mom gets better soon!! Love and prayers to your family.