another interuption.

to bring you a funny story:

and i think i'll preface this by saying that this morning i commented to paige that "for a person who, i think, can look really put together, i can look SUPER ugly!"

as one enters employment for the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints, they are given a security badge with their name, employee id number, and picture. having worked for the church previously, i've had more than one picture taken. the first year i worked on grounds, i looked pretty good, you know, first-day-on-the-job kind of stuff. the next year i worked for the church i had chopped off all my hair and bleached it, so they had need to take another picture. and they did. however, this particular year, i knew that i didn't need to look good. i knew my boss and co-workers already, and i knew that i'd be spending my days digging in the dirt and nearly sweating to death in the 100 degree weather. so i came with just-woke-up hair {which is CRAZY when you have short hair}, no make-up face, and my very old, very faded, dance hoodie {go steppin' out dancers! holla!}.

about two weeks ago i started my current phase of working for the church. now i have a REAL job and i came dressed to the nines {as per usual}. they snapped my picture and the lady even said "what a cute girl." unfortunately, upon looking at my picture today, i realized that the following is how i am represented as a church employee ...

courtney wightman: biker chick, rebel without a cause, church employee.

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