what i eat at work: the navuoo cafe.

to tell you something really important:

i'm in love with the navuoo cafe!

their chicken salad sandwich: a god send.
they are the only establishment on temple block that sells caffeinated diet coke {a must for jobs like mine}.
they sometimes offer lion house chocolate cream pie.
and even when they don't, they have the most chewy, soft, and delectable chocolate-chip cookies.

go try it out. you'll love it.

{jackie called me a "foodie" yesterday. i didn't agree, but i realized today that roughly 3/4 of my posts are labeled as "EAT".}

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Mark said...

Caffeinated Coke from Temple Square Hospitality? What's next? Mocha Ice Cream?...Somebody told me they actually serve Pot Pies! How do they get away with that?! Seriously, Nauvoo Cafe has great sandwiches and yummy deserts. Lunch on the plaza in the summer is great.